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My favorite tools

Introduction #

I will try to keep an updated list of my favorite tools here.

It will be split as follows:

  • Tools that I want to give a massive shout-out for. These are tools that I think are amazing and more people should know about them and use them. I will add to each item a short description and some reasons why I like them so much.
  • This will be followed by a list of tools I use, grouped by category. These tools are chosen by me as the best in category for the job I use them for. However they are either already very well-known, or just not good enough to deserve a massive shout out.

Let's start!

Big shout out for these tools 📢 #

These are tools that I think are amazing and more people should know about them and use them. The tools are listed in no particular order.

PDF-Xchange Editor (Freemium) #

PDF-Xchange Editor from Tracker Software is hands-down my favorite PDF Editor.

I like it because:

  • It is pretty, light-weight, featureful and very easy to use.
  • It is actively maintained & developed.
  • Tracker's customer support is something I have not seen anywhere else. The support personal are knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive. No question in the support forum is left unanswered, no email is ignored. Just overall amazing.
  • They have a buy-once licensing scheme instead of a subscription model.

Everything (Free, Proprietary) #

Everything is an amazing file search tool from voidtools. Now, I would have thought (and still do think so...) that Everything is a terrible name for a tool ("Hey, have you heard of everything?", "Heard of what??? 😕"). But apparently it is good enough to come out first in a Google search for the word "everything".

My favorite use for it, is something it wasn't designed for. I

I like it because:

  • It is very light-weight, extremely fast and very featureful.
  • It is actively maintained and seems to be of very high quality code.

Process Hacker (Open source) #

Ranger (Open source) #

Fork (Proprietary) #

Windows Terminal (Open source) #

Mini shout out for these: #

7-zip #

TablePlus #

Paint.net #

The full unabridged list of stuff I use #

to be continued...